Colouring Update – New Pattern Books

Late last year I started working on a new book of easy geometric patterns. I’ve now finished the interior, and just have the cover to colour and it’ll be ready. My first ever colouring book was patterns too, but the designs are more detailed. While working on the new book’s cover I thought it’d be a good idea to make an easy version of my first pattern book as well, and a more detailed version of the new easy book. So I’ll have three new pattern titles out soon, rather than just one 😀

It makes more sense to publish the easy version of my first pattern book first, then both versions of the new one after that. I’m currently resizing the designs from my first book and making some adjustments where needed, ready for upload next week. That will be volume one of the easy patterns, then volume two should be out early in February. Here’s a sneak peek of one of the new designs from book two:

Pattern colouring page WIP by L.J. Knight

I’ve changed my working methods a lot since I created my original Geometric Patterns back in 2015, and used different software to draw my new designs. So there is some difference in drawing style with the new patterns, but I think the two books will go together well.

I’ve always liked creating colouring books with a mix of easy and more challenging designs across the range, as I know that not everyone who buys adult colouring books wants lots of tiny detail. And I prefer to colour larger spaces myself! So I’m happy to be offering a choice of difficulty levels for my pattern books. I won’t be doing this with my other books, since those illustrations can’t be resized in the same way as repeating patterns. But with my future titles I’ll always switch it up between easy and more detailed designs, as it makes for a more varied product range, as well as keeping things more interesting for me.

Anyway, back to work now, and I’ll post an update when the first of these three new pattern books is ready.

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