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Easy Blue, Pink and Grey Geometric Pattern Colouring Page

It’s been a while since I posted any coloured pages from my colouring books! I started colouring this one months ago, and just finished it. I’ve been too busy with other things to colour much, […]


2022 Round Up

So it’s the end of another year, and this one seems to have flown by! For the last couple of years I’ve been making a post in December taking a look at what I’ve done […]


Free Printable Abstract Colouring Page Download

Here is a free colouring page from my latest book, Adventure in Abstract. In this book you’ll find thirty abstract colouring pages for adults. As with all my books, this is all original art – […]


New Book – Adventure in Abstract Colouring Book

I have a new colouring book! It’s called Adventure in Abstract, and features thirty all-abstract designs. Most of the designs in this book are fairly detailed, although not insanely so. But it’s more of an […]


Purple and Green Easy Abstract Colouring Page

Here’s a coloured page from my first abstract colouring book, Easy Doodle Abstract. I coloured in purple and green, using Copic Sketch Markers and Prismacolor pencils. I haven’t coloured many pages from Easy Doodle Abstract, […]


Brown and Green Octagon Mandala Colouring Page

This coloured mandala is from my Abstract Mandalas Colouring Book. I coloured it a while ago, with green and brown Tombow Dual Brush Pens. You can see all fifty abstract designs in this book by […]


Purple, Pink and Green Abstract Kaleidoscope Colouring Page

This coloured page is from my colouring book Through the Kaleidoscope. I wasn’t quite sure if I liked it at first, but I do now 🙂 Purple/green and pink/green are some of my favourite colour […]


Turquoise, Grey and Purple Simple Mandala Colouring Page

Here’s another page that I coloured a while ago from my book Magic Mandalas 2. Sometimes I enjoy ‘colouring’ by drawing in patterns, rather than just filling the spaces, and my easier books like this […]


My Books Are Back! (European sites update)

In November last year I posted about a technical issue that had made nine of my colouring books temporarily unavailable on Amazon’s European sites. Unfortunately this meant they were offline over the holiday period, but […]


Pink and Purple Easy Mandala Colouring Page

I haven’t posted any coloured pages for a while! Unfortunately I’ve been so busy with my painting course and working on my colouring books that I haven’t made time to colour any new pages. But […]


Free Printable Easy Geometric Pattern Colouring Page

It’s time for another free colouring page! This one is from my latest colouring book, Easy Geometric Patterns (Volume 3). You can download this JPG page to your computer, and print it out at home. […]


2021 Round Up

Time for my annual post looking back at what I’ve done this year! It’s hard to believe it’s the end of 2021 already – it doesn’t seem like long since I made a post for […]


New Book – Easy Geometric Patterns Colouring Book (Volume 3)

I just finished my sixth and final colouring book for 2021 – an easy version of my latest patterns book! Easy Geometric Patterns (Volume 3) has fifty repeating pattern designs with large spaces that are […]


Pink and Green Easy Pattern Colouring Page

Here’s another coloured page from my book Easy Geometric Patterns (Volume 2). I wasn’t quite sure about the pink and olive green colour combination at first, but it has grown on me. I coloured it […]


Free Printable Geometric Pattern Colouring Page

I recently published my newest colouring book, Geometric Patterns (Volume 3). As with all my books, I’ve made one page (see below) free to download and print out, so you can try before you buy […]


Missing Books on Amazon’s European Sites

If you’ve tried to buy some of my colouring books via, .fr, .de, .it or .es recently, you’ll know that they’re not currently available. This is due to a technical issue on Amazon’s part, […]


New Book – Geometric Patterns Colouring Book (Volume 3)

It has been a few months, but I now have a new colouring book! This is another pattern book – the third volume in my Geometric Patterns series. I’ve been on a bit of a […]


Purple, Turquoise and Grey Easy Mandala Colouring Page

This is another of my easy mandala colouring pages, this time from my kids’ book, Magic Mandalas. Rather than a solid fill, I coloured it with a simple line pattern using markers, and added a […]


Olive Green and Pink Easy Mandala Colouring Page

I coloured this mandala page a few months ago. I wasn’t sure about the colours at first, but it has grown on me. The design is from my kids’ book, Magic Mandalas 2 (which of […]


Purple, Grey and White Abstract Kaleidoscope Colouring Page

This is another coloured page from my fifth colouring book, Through the Kaleidoscope. The illustrations in this book are basically full page abstract mandalas, and you can see them all here. This design is one […]


Free Abstract Geometric Pattern Printable Colouring Page

Here is another free colouring page to print at home, this time from my book Geometric Patterns (Volume 2). I’ve been a bit slow to get around to posting about this, as I published the […]


Brown, Orange and Yellow Simple Mandala Colouring Page

This is another easy mandala design, this time from my second kids’ book, Magic Mandalas 2. I coloured it a bit differently than normal, creating a thin line and stipple fill with Staedtler Triplus fine […]


Free Easy Giraffe Colouring Page for Kids

Here is another free printable colouring page, taken from my newest colouring book, Very Easy Animal Faces Colouring Book for Toddlers and Young Kids. It features a cute giraffe face, with strong lines and large […]


Blue and Green Easy Mandala Colouring Page

This simple mandala colouring page is from my first mandala book for children, Magic Mandalas. Of course it’s not just for kids – anyone who likes mandalas with large spaces will enjoy the book, and […]


Green, Brown and Burgundy Mandala Colouring Page

This coloured mandala has a mix of warm earth tones, including brown, green and burgundy red. The design is from my book Abstract Mandalas, which has fifty original mandala pages that you can preview here. […]


Red, Grey and White Abstract Kaleidoscope Colouring Page

I coloured this abstract kaleidoscope design in a simple red, grey and white colour scheme, using Tombow brush markers. I like colourful palettes, but sometimes it’s just as much fun to stick with a more […]


Free Simple Pattern Printable Colouring Page

The page in the photo below is another free colouring page download, this time from my recent book Easy Geometric Patterns (Volume 2), which came out earlier this year. The patterns in this book all […]


New – Very Easy Animal Faces Colouring Book

It’s new book time! I recently published my latest colouring book, Very Easy Animal Faces Colouring Book for Toddlers and Young Kids. The title is pretty self-explanatory – it has thirty cute cartoon animal portraits, […]


Geometric Flower Pattern Colouring Page in Red and Yellow

This geometric flower pattern page is from my first colouring book, Geometric Patterns (Volume 1). Most of the designs in this book are abstract, but there are a couple of floral patterns too. I coloured […]


Red, Orange and Pink Easy Mandala Colouring Page

Sometimes I enjoy colouring mandalas and patterns by drawing or doodling inside the spaces, rather than filling them all with colour in the usual way. In this page from my Easy Mandalas Colouring Book, I […]