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Duckling Sketch

I thought I’d start posting a few more unfinished pieces, like sketches and works in progress. I don’t like to document every step of my process like some artists, but I can manage a few […]


Blue, Pink and White Abstract Mandala

Here’s a mandala that I made in Procreate, with textured lines in bright blue and pink against a white background. It also has some turquoise splatters to add extra texture. I like to draw mandalas […]


Amber Round Sunburst Abstract

Abstracts have always been one of my favourite types of art to create. This is another older one, which I made in Photoshop several years ago. It is brown and orange, with a round shape, […]


Soft Blue Spinning Vortex Abstract

I have quite a few pieces with spinning vortex or whirlpool-like shapes. For some reason it’s something I keep coming back to. This one is a few years old, and has a very soft spiral […]


Cosmic Heart – Glowing White Heart on Purple Sky

Hearts are a symbol that I like to use in my work sometimes, more because I like the shape rather than the whole ‘love’ symbolism. For me art is more about how the piece looks […]


Blue and White Glowing Abstract

Here’s an old one! This is a digital kind-of pattern that I made in Photoshop several years ago. It doesn’t repeat, but has a pattern-like look, with interlocking white glowing lines on a blue background. […]


Cute Purple and Black Butterfly Drawing

One thing I love to paint and draw but haven’t posted much of so far is animals. I like using both realistic and more cartoonish styles, and this purple butterfly is an example of the […]


Green, Grey and Yellow Pastel Mandala

This is another mandala that I drew in Procreate, this time with a pastel brush, which gives it a loose, textured effect. it has a simple palette of green, yellow, grey and white. I often […]


Deep Green and Brown Abstract Painting

This digital painting is my favourite from the batch that I made in Procreate earlier this year. It has deep warm green and brown colours, and has an organic texture with loosely repeating shapes that […]


Orange and Black Feather Mandala

This mandala is another older piece, that I made in Photoshop a few years ago. It has an abstract feather-like design in shades of orange and yellow, against a plain black background. This mandala art […]


Red and White Grunge Abstract Painting

This red and white digital abstract painting is another that I made with Procreate this year. It has a rough white textured effect on the bright red background. This painting is for sale as prints […]


Red Apple Painting

Here’s a digital watercolour painting of a red Royal Gala apple. I like to do a mix of realistic and stylised art, and this one has more realism than the work I’ve put out lately. […]


Abstract Red and Brown Spiky Pattern

This is a kind of weird pattern I made earlier this year, playing around in Illustrator. I don’t do a lot of vector work these days, but I do enjoy Illustrator’s pattern tool. This pattern […]


Sea, Sky and Clouds

This is another digital painting that I made in Procreate. It’s a simple seascape, or maybe more of a skyscape, with light blue water, a deep blue sky and fluffy white clouds. The clouds are […]


Teal and White Clouds Abstract

Here is another cloudy abstract painting, which I made around the same time as the purple one I posted the other day. This digital painting has a cooler colour scheme in light teal, turquoise and […]


Brown and Teal Abstract Mandala

This is my newest mandala art, just drawn this week in Procreate. It is an abstract pattern, and has a mostly flat, folk-art influenced kind of look. The limited palette of tan, brown, orange and […]


Purple and Pink Cloudy Abstract

I made this digital abstract painting earlier this year, and it’s one of my favourites so far. It has a soft cloud-like surface, in shades of purple and pink. I like art with lots of […]


Warm Lively Abstract Pattern in Red and Brown

Here’s some abstract pattern art I made a while ago. It has a vibrant feel, with lots of movement, and a mix of warm brown, orange and red colours. Although it doesn’t repeat exactly, the […]