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Pear, Bottle and Mushroom Painting Exercise – Block 3 #13

Here is my latest painting exercise for Evolve Artist. This is Block 3, #13. Evolve Artist Block 3, #13 – Pear, Bottle and Mushroom. Oil on canvas. I found it a bit hard to get […]


Fish and Octopus Painting Exercise – Block 3 #12

I finished this exercise for Evolve Artist just before Christmas. It took a couple of weeks, so I was happy to get it done before the holiday. Evolve Artist Block 3, #12 – Fish and […]


2022 Round Up

So it’s the end of another year, and this one seems to have flown by! For the last couple of years I’ve been making a post in December taking a look at what I’ve done […]


Turquoise Blue Brush Stroke Abstract Painting

I haven’t created a lot of new art for my stores this year, but this is one of my recent digital paintings, made in Procreate. It is a fairly minimal design, with a single curved […]


Abstract Earth Tones Watercolour Rectangles Pattern

Here’s another loosely hand painted watercolour pattern, with a rectangle motif in warm yellow, orange, green and brown colours on a white background. Like the other watercolour pattern I posted recently, I painted this a […]


Apple, Bottle and Cone Painting Exercise – Block 3 #11

This is my latest painting exercise for Evolve Artist, Block 3, number 11. This one was painted from a photograph. Unfortunately I had trouble getting a decent photo of my painting, as the light here […]


Pear, Tomato and Cube Painting Exercise – Block 3 #10

It’s been a while, but I finished another exercise for Evolve Artist! This is Block 3, number 10, and was painted from life. Evolve Artist Block 3, #10 – Pear, Tomato and Cube. Oil on […]


Red, Purple and White Watercolour Rectangles Pattern

This is another of the watercolour patterns that I painted a while back, but have just got around to editing and posting. This one has a rectangle motif in red and purple colours on a […]


Blue and Black Watercolour Check Pattern

It’s been a while since I posted any new art to my shops, as I’ve just been too busy with other stuff. I have missed it though, so I’m happy to have gotten back to […]


Free Printable Abstract Colouring Page Download

Here is a free colouring page from my latest book, Adventure in Abstract. In this book you’ll find thirty abstract colouring pages for adults. As with all my books, this is all original art – […]


New Book – Adventure in Abstract Colouring Book

I have a new colouring book! It’s called Adventure in Abstract, and features thirty all-abstract designs. Most of the designs in this book are fairly detailed, although not insanely so. But it’s more of an […]


Apples and Pot Painting Exercise – Block 3 #9

This painting is exercise 9 from Block 3 of the Evolve Artist course. It was painted from a photograph. Evolve Artist Block 3, #9 – Apples and Pot. Oil on canvas. I only finished #8 […]


Egg, Cylinder and Heart Painting Exercise – Block 3 #8

So I finally finished the next exercise for Evolve Artist. This is Block 3, #8, and was painted from life. Evolve Artist Block 3, #8 – Egg, Cylinder and Heart. Oil on canvas. It’s been […]


Purple and Green Easy Abstract Colouring Page

Here’s a coloured page from my first abstract colouring book, Easy Doodle Abstract. I coloured in purple and green, using Copic Sketch Markers and Prismacolor pencils. I haven’t coloured many pages from Easy Doodle Abstract, […]


Deep Red and Brown Abstract Mandala

Here’s another new mandala that I made quite recently, using Procreate. This one has a warm palette in brown and burgundy red, with a painted texture. I think I’ll always enjoy creating geometric designs like […]


Bottle, Mushroom and Pot Painting Exercise – Block 3 #7

I just completed Block 3, exercise 7 of Evolve Artist. This is the first painting with colour gradients and shadows, and was painted from a photograph. Evolve Artist Block 3, #7 – Bottle, Mushroom and […]


Green and Brown Abstract Swirling Mandala

In the last few months I’ve not had time for much art outside of Evolve exercises and work on my next colouring book (almost done!), but I have a couple of new mandala pieces that […]


Pumpkin, Lime and Pot Painting Exercise – Block 3 #6

I finished another exercise for Evolve Artist. This painting is number six from Block 3, and was painted from life. Evolve Artist Block 3, #6 – Pumpkin, Lime and Pot. Oil on canvas. I was […]


Brown and Green Octagon Mandala Colouring Page

This coloured mandala is from my Abstract Mandalas Colouring Book. I coloured it a while ago, with green and brown Tombow Dual Brush Pens. You can see all fifty abstract designs in this book by […]


Pot, Apple and Can Painting Exercise – Block 3 #5

Here’s another painting exercise for Evolve Artist – this is Block 3 #5. This one is from a photo provided by Evolve. Evolve Artist Block 3, #5 – Pot, Apple and Can. Oil on canvas. […]


Avocado and Red Pepper Painting Exercise – Block 3 #4

This painting is the fourth homework exercise from Block 3 of the Evolve Artist course, and the second painting from direct observation (the other two are from photos). Evolve Artist Block 3, #4 – Avocado […]


Mushroom, Can and Tennis Ball Painting Exercise – Block 3 #3

I finished another Block 3 painting exercise for Evolve Artist. This is the second painting from a photo, and was pretty straightforward. As with the other exercises in this Block so far, we’re only using […]


Lemon, Ball and Cone Painting Exercise – Block 3 #2

This painting is the second exercise for Block 3 of Evolve Artist. I finished it about ten days ago, which was later than planned, as I came down with a cold and just didn’t have […]


Colourful Citrus Fruit Sticker Set

One thing I really like creating art for is cut out stickers. While I love making complete paintings most of all, sometimes it’s fun to just draw little single objects and simple things, and stickers […]


Blue and Purple Geometric Flower Pattern

At the start of this year I made a bunch of geometric patterns to add to my stores. I’ve been posting them over the last few months, but have now reached the last one, which […]


Apple, Pot and Ball Painting Exercise – Block 3 #1

I just finished the first exercise for Block 3 of Evolve Artist. Block 3 introduces colour, and there are twenty paintings to complete. Ten of these are from photos, and ten from life. This first […]


Two Owls Painting Exercise – Block 2 #20

I finally finished Block 2 of Evolve Artist! 😀😀😀 This is the 20th exercise in the Block, and the 10th painting. I chose to paint a couple of carved wooden owls that I bought especially […]


Pink, Orange and Yellow Geometric Hearts Pattern

This heart pattern is one of the set I made earlier this year. It has a bold geometric heart motif in bright pastel pink, purple, orange, yellow and white. You can buy this fun heart […]


Fruit and Vegetables Painting Exercise – Block 2 #19

This still life is the 19th exercise (and ninth painting) in Block 2 of Evolve Artist. I took a while to get around to starting it, since I couldn’t decide on what to include. Evolve […]


Green and Purple Swirls Geometric Pattern

Here’s another of my recent geometric patterns, this time with a swirling motif in purple and green. This has always been one of my favourite colour combinations, although in this design they’re a bit more […]