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Blue, Yellow and Brown Painted Stripe Pattern

Here is another hand drawn stripe pattern, this time one that I made in Procreate using a gouache brush. It has horizontal stripes in yellow, brown, beige and light blue on a deep blue background. […]


Purple, Black and White Geometric Pattern

This is one of my favourites of my more recent repeating pattern designs. It has an abstract geometric motif in black and purple, on a bright white background. I made it on my iPad in […]


Black and White Geometric Flower Pattern

This repeating pattern is one that I made a few years ago. It has a stylised white geometric flower design on a black background. This simple floral pattern is for sale on various fabrics in […]


Red, Orange and Pink Easy Mandala Colouring Page

Sometimes I enjoy colouring mandalas and patterns by drawing or doodling inside the spaces, rather than filling them all with colour in the usual way. In this page from my Easy Mandalas Colouring Book, I […]


Purple and Pink Folk Art Hearts Pattern

I’ve always liked folk art, with its bright colours and flat look. I do quite a lot of art in this general style (not following any particular tradition), but it’s more for fun than something […]


Red, Grey and White Abstract Mandala Colouring Page

Here is another coloured mandala, this time a design with rotational symmetry from my adult colouring book Abstract Mandalas. I coloured this one in a simple grey, white and red palette, using Zig Clean Color […]


Blue and White Raindrops Pattern

I made this raindrops pattern in Procrate last year, using a watercolour brush. It has drops and spots in blue and grey, on a bright white background. Procreate isn’t my favourite way to make repeating […]


Blue and Purple Easy Mandala Colouring Page

This coloured mandala is from my first children’s mandala colouring book, Magic Mandalas. Of course it’s not just for kids – I like colouring relatively simple designs like this one, since they allow for more […]


Blue and Green Bubbles Circle Pattern

Here is a fun pattern that I made quite a while ago. It has a circle motif in turquoise blue, green and white, with a stylised bubble-like appearance. This blue repeating pattern is available to […]


Blue and White Watercolour Galaxy Stripe Pattern

This is another of the watercolour patterns I painted a few months ago. This one has horizontal stripes in blue and purple, overlaid with white ink splatters to give a starry sky effect. In between […]


Green and Yellow Gouache Stripe Pattern

I painted this simple stripe pattern using gouache paint on paper. It has broad horizontal stripes in warm yellow and green colours. You can find this hand-painted striped pattern on various products in my stores […]


Simple Geometric Pattern Colouring Page

This page is one of the designs from my new colouring book Easy Geometric Patterns (Volume 2). It’s the first page that I coloured from the book – I’ve since done several more, and really […]


Watercolour Stripes Pattern in Green and White

This green and white stripe pattern is another of the hand painted watercolour patterns I made recently. This one has horizontal stripes in two shades of green, on a white paper background. This green stripe […]


Yellow and Orange Watercolour Stripes Painted Pattern

I painted this simple horizontal stripe pattern with watercolour on paper a few months ago. It has thick stripes in warm orange and yellow, with thin white lines of paper showing through. This yellow stripey […]


Free Easy Pattern Printable Colouring Page

This year I’ve released two new easy patterns colouring books. Patterns are one of my favourite things to colour (and draw), since they’re so relaxing! The page in the photo below is a free downloadable […]


Blue and Green Watercolour Stripes Pattern

Here’s another of the hand painted watercolour stripe patterns that I made recently. This one has horizontal stripes in cool blue and green, with a loose feel. This stripey pattern is for sale on phone […]


Red, Yellow and Brown Painted Stripes Pattern

This is another hand painted stripe pattern from a few months ago. It has broad horizontal stripes in deep red-orange, yellow and brown. This one started as watercolour on paper, but I wasn’t completely happy […]


Pink and White Watercolour Stripes

I like making repeating patterns, but I also really enjoy drawing and painting patterns completely by hand, with no digital repeats. I like the more natural, organic kind of look they have. I tend to […]


Citrus Fruits – Digital Painting

Fruits and other natural foods are one of my favourite subjects. This is a digital painting that I made last year in Procreate, with colourful citrus fruits (orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit) on a contrasting […]


New Book – Geometric Patterns Colouring Book (Volume 2)

I have another new colouring book! This one is a more detailed version of my recently released easy patterns book, and is called Geometric Patterns (Volume 2) – see all the designs in the book […]


Green, Yellow and White Brushstrokes Abstract Gouache Painting

This is the third in a series of three abstract gouache paintings that I made last year. It has a loose brushstroke pattern in bright green, yellow and white, and lots of paint texture. You […]


Blue and White Brushstrokes Abstract Gouache Painting

This abstract gouache painting is the second in a series of three that I made last year. It has a mix of deep blues with white, and a loosely painted brushstoke texture. You can find […]


Red and White Brushstrokes Abstract Gouache Painting

I really like painting with gouache, and this is the first in a series of three abstracts from late last year. It has a loose brushstroke pattern in white and bright red, with raised areas […]


Green Bubbles – Watercolour Pencil Abstract Circles Pattern

I like the look of coloured pencil art, but it’s quite rare for me to make an entire piece in pencil only. I find them a bit hard on my hand and get impatient with […]


Green and White Digital Abstract Painting

This is another digital abstract painting that I created in Procreate. It is square format, with loosely drawn horizontal brush strokes in teal, light green, dark green and white. I especially like how the colours […]


Pink and Purple Digital Pencil Abstract

I created this square format abstract with a digital pencil brush in Procreate, using vibrant pink, purple and white colours. It has a loose feel and a rough pencil texture. This colourful abstract art is […]


Teal, Blue and Purple Abstract Kaleidoscope Colouring Page

This is another abstract colouring page from my book Through the Kaleidoscope. I coloured it with Zig Clean Color brush markers in teal green, turquoise and purple. There are fifty abstract full page mandalas to […]


Blue and White Winter Waves Abstract

This is another digital abstract that I made in Procreate just before Christmas. It has wavy white lines and dots on a blue background, and the texture reminds me of ice and snow, so I […]


New – Easy Geometric Patterns Colouring Book (Volume 2)

Just recently I posted about my new easy pattern colouring book – and now there’s a second volume too! Like the first book, Easy Geometric Patterns (Volume 2) has fifty pattern designs without too much […]


Purple and White Lines Abstract

I drew this square format digital abstract in Procreate last year. It has curved lines in purple and white on a dark background, with a snow-like spot pattern overlay. This purple abstract art is for […]