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Circles #2 – Orange and Brown Abstract Painting

Here is the second of the two hand-drawn digital abstract paintings I finished recently – the first had a cool palette of blue and green, whereas this is warmer, with brown, orange and gold. Circles […]


Circles #1 – Blue and Green Abstract Painting

This is a digital abstract painting that I finished a few weeks ago, in Procreate on the iPad. It’s one of a pair, and features loosely drawn circles in deep blue and green, with lots […]


Cute Duckling – Minimal Black and White Line Art Drawing

It’s been a while! This year I’ve been busy finishing my next colouring book, and was just about done when I broke my leg last month and had to rest for a bit. But now […]


Easy Blue, Pink and Grey Geometric Pattern Colouring Page

It’s been a while since I posted any coloured pages from my colouring books! I started colouring this one months ago, and just finished it. I’ve been too busy with other things to colour much, […]


Cat and Pyramid Painting Exercise – Block 4 #3

I’ve just finished the third painting for Block 4 of the Evolve Artist course. This cat figure was painted from a photograph. Evolve Artist Block 4, #3 – Cat and Pyramid. Oil on canvas. This […]


Frog on a Lily Pad – Minimalist Black and White Line Art Drawing

This monochrome line drawing features a frog sitting on a lily pad. I drew it in Procreate on the iPad, and it has the same modern minimal style as my other recent animal line art. […]


Cat Portrait Line Drawing

Here is some more cat line art – a black and white minimalist cat portrait that I drew in Procreate on the iPad. Like the other animal line drawings in this series, I used a […]


Weimaraner Dog Portrait Line Drawing

This is another in my current set of minimalist black and white line art drawings. I’ve only posted cats so far, so here is a dog for a change 🙂 I’m definitely a cat person, […]


Candles Painting Exercise – Block 4 #2

This candle painting is the second exercise for Block 4 of the Evolve Artist course, and was painted from a photograph.


Curious Kitten Watching a Butterfly Line Drawing

This black and white line drawing features a cute kitten sitting in the grass, while looking up at a butterfly. It’s the third in the line art collection I’m in the process of working on […]


Cat Climbing a Tree – Minimal Line Art

This is the second of my new series of black and white line drawings in a minimalist style, and features an adventurous cat climbing up a tree. I drew it by hand last month in […]


Sleeping Cat Line Art Drawing

Today I’m happy to be posting the first of an ongoing series of line art pieces that I’ve been working on recently. These are all hand drawn in Procreate on my iPad, and feature minimalist […]


Bold Black Brush Strokes Monochrome Abstract Painting Series – 3 of 3

This monochrome abstract painting is the third in a series of three that I created a few months back. It was drawn by hand using the Procreate app on my iPad, and features a thick […]


Bold Black Brush Stroke Monochrome Abstract Painting Series – 2 of 3

This digital painting is the second in a series of three abstracts that I created earlier this year. It was drawn by hand using Procreate on my iPad, and features energetic curving black brush strokes […]


Bold Black Brush Strokes Monochrome Abstract Painting Series – 1 of 3

I haven’t created a lot of new art for my stores lately, but this is one of the digital paintings I did earlier this year, made in Procreate on my iPad. It’s the first in […]


Rod of Asclepius – Black and White Line Art

This is the last of the older pieces I’m posting here, and is a black and white vector line drawing of the Rod of Asclepius. Also known as the Staff of Asclepius, this symbol combines […]


Elegant Flamingo Silhouette Bird Art (Three Colour Variations)

This flamingo silhouette drawing is another of my pieces from a few years ago that I’ve recently added to my stores. It has an elegant flamingo standing on one leg, against a plain background, making […]


Two Cats Gazing at the Moon (Halloween and Purple Versions)

This vector illustration of two silhouetted cats sitting under a tree and gazing up at the moon is one of my favourite older designs. I made two versions, one with a purple night sky, and […]


Cute Kawaii Solar Eclipse

I drew this kawaii solar eclipse back in 2017. I made it as a t-shirt design for the full eclipse in August that year, and it was my most popular design for a while. I’ve […]


Cute Kawaii Tabby Cat Face

I drew this kawaii cat face several years ago, and have just updated it a little bit and added it to my stores as prints and other items. This is one of the first kawaii […]


Cute Kawaii Christmas Pudding

This kawaii Christmas pudding is another of the older vector designs that I’ve added to my stores this year. Right now I’m being forced to take a break from my Evolve painting course due to […]


Teapot Painting Exercise – Block 4 #1

I recently finished the first exercise from Evolve Artist Block 4. This teapot was painted from a photo, like all of the exercises in this block. Evolve Artist Block 4, #1 – Teapot. Oil on […]


Dinosaurs and Mushroom Painting Exercise – Block 3 #20

I finished Block 3 at last! This painting exercise is part of the Evolve Artist course, and is #20 from Block 3. It was painted from life. Evolve Artist Block 3, #20 – Dinosaurs and […]


Dolphins and Cubes Painting Exercise – Block 3 #19

Here’s another Evolve Artist exercise finished! This is #19 from Block 3, and was painted from a reference photo. Evolve Artist Block 3, #19 – Dolphins and Cubes. Oil on canvas. It’s over a month […]


Cute Cartoon Mouse Die Cut Sticker

This is another cut out sticker that I’ve just been posting to a couple of my stores. It has a cute cartoon mouse drawing with a round orange body, curly black tail and long whiskers. […]


Orange and Yellow Flowers Sticker Set

Last year I started posting my sticker sets, which are available in my store on Pixels (and some on Zazzle). I got a bit derailed, and it’s been a while since the last post, but […]


Peppers and Pumpkin Painting Exercise – Block 3 #18

Here’s another Evolve Artist exercise finished! This is #18 from Block 3, and was painted from life. Evolve Artist Block 3, #18 – Peppers and Pumpkin. Oil on canvas. This painting has some issues, as […]


Purple and Turquoise Blue Watercolour Check Pattern

It’s been a while since I posted some new art. That’s because I’ve been spending most of my time on the Evolve course and my next colouring book (which is about 2/3 finished now!). But […]


Bowling Pin, Apple and Cylinder Painting Exercise – Block 3 #17

This painting is exercise 17 from Block 3 of Evolve Artist, and was painted from a photo. Evolve Artist Block 3, #17 – Bowling Pin, Apple and Cylinder. Oil on canvas. To be honest, this […]


Eggs and Pot Painting Exercise – Block 3 #16

I’ve just finished exercise 16 from Block 3 of Evolve Artist. This one was painted from life. Evolve Artist Block 3, #16 – Eggs and Pot. Oil on canvas. I’m fairly pleased with this one; […]