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Green and Purple Swirls Geometric Pattern

Here’s another of my recent geometric patterns, this time with a swirling motif in purple and green. This has always been one of my favourite colour combinations, although in this design they’re a bit more […]


Bowl and Food Painting Exercise – Block 2 #18

Here’s another finished painting exercise for the Evolve Artist course. This is Block 2, number 18. Now the drawings are more complex, I’m spreading them out over more than one session if I feel like […]


Purple, Pink and Green Abstract Kaleidoscope Colouring Page

This coloured page is from my colouring book Through the Kaleidoscope. I wasn’t quite sure if I liked it at first, but I do now 🙂 Purple/green and pink/green are some of my favourite colour […]


Black, White and Grey Abstract Geometric Pattern

This abstract geometric pattern has a curvy horizontal design in black, grey and white. This fun monochrome pattern is for sale as fabric in my store on Zazzle (use the Customize feature to change the […]


Mushrooms and Horse Painting Exercise – Block 2 #17

I just finished another exercise for Block 2 of Evolve Artist. This is number 17, so only three more to go and I’ll be on to using colour! I enjoyed this one, as I like […]


Blue and Turquoise Abstract Striped Geometric Pattern

Here is another of my new geometric pattern designs. This one has a simple striped triangular motif in blue colours. You can find this bold blue pattern for sale as fabric in my store on […]


Mortar, Pestle and Bell Pepper Painting Exercise – Block 2 #16

This painting is the 16th exercise for Block 2 of Evolve Artist. I’m mostly happy with the composition and drawing, although it took a couple of attempts to get the angle of the pestle right. […]


Yellow, Brown and White Ogee Geometric Pattern

This geometric pattern is another from the set that I made earlier this year. It has an abstract ogee motif in muted yellow, brown and white. This elegant yellow pattern is for sale on customisable […]


Cube, Pyramid and Spheres Painting Exercise – Block 2 #15

Another painting done for Evolve Artist! This is number 15 from Block 2. It’s a step up in complexity from the earlier exercises, with more objects. I liked putting together the composition; it’s a bit […]


Purple, Black and White Paisley Geometric Pattern

Here’s another new pattern, this time in bold purple, black and white with a paisley-style motif. This is one of my favourite colour combinations 🙂 You can find this cute purple pattern on customisable fabric […]


Egg, Cube and Apple Painting Exercise – Block 2 #14

This is my fourth painting (and 14th exercise) for Block 2 of Evolve Artist. I messed up the drawing for this one and had to redo the cube a few times. I really need to […]


Turquoise, Grey and Purple Simple Mandala Colouring Page

Here’s another page that I coloured a while ago from my book Magic Mandalas 2. Sometimes I enjoy ‘colouring’ by drawing in patterns, rather than just filling the spaces, and my easier books like this […]


Brown and Peach Swirls Retro Geometric Pattern

This retro geometric pattern is one that I designed recently, and it has a fun swirly motif in warm brown and peach colours. This brown abstract pattern is for sale on a lot of different […]


Pear, Block and Pot Painting Exercise – Block 2 #13

I finished another painting for Evolve Artist Block 2, and I think this is one of my worst proportional drawings so far! Having to measure with the needle (as opposed to just drawing freehand like […]


Green and White Hexagon Geometric Pattern

Here’s another geometric pattern that I made earlier this year. This one has a swirly abstract hexagonal motif in a simple green, black and white colour scheme. This green abstract pattern is for sale on […]


Ball, Cube and Cone Painting Exercise – Block 2 #12

Here’s my second painting for Block 2 of Evolve Artist – not an exciting subject, but a slight step up in complexity from the last one. I actually had to redraw the cube and sphere, […]


My Books Are Back! (European sites update)

In November last year I posted about a technical issue that had made nine of my colouring books temporarily unavailable on Amazon’s European sites. Unfortunately this meant they were offline over the holiday period, but […]


Apple and Pyramid Painting Exercise – Block 2 #11

As I mentioned in my last update on my progress with the Evolve Artist course, I’m just starting the paintings for Block 2. This is exercise 11, although it’s only the first of ten paintings […]


Pink, White and Purple Swirly Abstract Geometric Pattern

Here’s another of my recent geometric pattern designs. This one has a swirling motif in pink, purple and white, and is one of my favourites 🙂 I’ve added this abstract pattern to my Zazzle store […]


Evolve Artist Block 2, Exercises 1-10

I started Block 2 of the Evolve Artist course a few weeks ago. In Block 2, the focus is on developing proportional drawing skills by drawing and painting objects from life. There are eight drawings […]


Blue Hexagon Abstract Geometric Pattern

This is another of my new patterns, this time in shades of blue and grey blue. It has a bold and simple abstract hexagonal motif. This blue pattern is for sale on customisable fabric in […]


Pink and Purple Easy Mandala Colouring Page

I haven’t posted any coloured pages for a while! Unfortunately I’ve been so busy with my painting course and working on my colouring books that I haven’t made time to colour any new pages. But […]


Orange, Brown and White Abstract Geometric Pattern

This is another in my new geometric patterns series. Like most of the others, it’s an abstract design, this time in bright warm orange, brown and white. It has a retro kind of style and […]


Black, Grey and White Curvy Geometric Pattern

This abstract geometric pattern has a bold curvy motif in black, white, grey and blue-grey. It’s a modified version of one of the designs in my newest colouring book Easy Geometric Patterns (Vol. 3). You […]


The Pumpkin – Painting Exercise #20

I finally finished Block 1 of Evolve Artist! 😀 Considering I started this course last summer, this has taken longer than I’d like, but it feels good to get to this point. This pumpkin is […]


Blue, White and Yellow Abstract Geometric Pattern

Here’s another design from my recent set of geometric patterns. I think this is probably my favourite of all of them! It has a curved hexagonal motif in yellow, white and shades of blue. You […]


Two Cats – Painting Exercise #19

I just finished another Evolve painting, and I found this one quite difficult! I had trouble identifying the shadow types in some places, and was second guessing my value choice for the background. So I […]


Teal Green and White Geometric Swirl Pattern

This is a fun abstract geometric pattern in teal green and white, with a simple swirling motif and retro feel. You can buy this geometric pattern on a wide variety of home decor products, device […]


Two Rabbits – Painting Exercise #18

I’ve just completed another painting for Block 1 of the Evolve Artist course. This is number 18 (of 20) and is called Two Rabbits. It took me longer than the last one – unsurprisingly, since […]


Blue and White Geometric Triangle Pattern

This abstract geometric pattern in blue, white and grey blue is the next in my new set of patterns that I’m adding to my stores. It has a simple, bold motif that forms interlocked triangle […]