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Red, Yellow and Brown Painted Stripes Pattern

This is another hand painted stripe pattern from a few months ago. It has broad horizontal stripes in deep red-orange, yellow and brown. This one started as watercolour on paper, but I wasn’t completely happy […]


Green, Yellow and White Brushstrokes Abstract Gouache Painting

This is the third in a series of three abstract gouache paintings that I made last year. It has a loose brushstroke pattern in bright green, yellow and white, and lots of paint texture. You […]


Blue and White Brushstrokes Abstract Gouache Painting

This abstract gouache painting is the second in a series of three that I made last year. It has a mix of deep blues with white, and a loosely painted brushstoke texture. You can find […]


Red and White Brushstrokes Abstract Gouache Painting

I really like painting with gouache, and this is the first in a series of three abstracts from late last year. It has a loose brushstroke pattern in white and bright red, with raised areas […]


Green Bubbles – Watercolour Pencil Abstract Circles Pattern

I like the look of coloured pencil art, but it’s quite rare for me to make an entire piece in pencil only. I find them a bit hard on my hand and get impatient with […]


Green and White Digital Abstract Painting

This is another digital abstract painting that I created in Procreate. It is square format, with loosely drawn horizontal brush strokes in teal, light green, dark green and white. I especially like how the colours […]


Pink and Purple Digital Pencil Abstract

I created this square format abstract with a digital pencil brush in Procreate, using vibrant pink, purple and white colours. It has a loose feel and a rough pencil texture. This colourful abstract art is […]


Blue and White Winter Waves Abstract

This is another digital abstract that I made in Procreate just before Christmas. It has wavy white lines and dots on a blue background, and the texture reminds me of ice and snow, so I […]


Purple and White Lines Abstract

I drew this square format digital abstract in Procreate last year. It has curved lines in purple and white on a dark background, with a snow-like spot pattern overlay. This purple abstract art is for […]


Brown Pastel Stripes Retro Abstract Art

This striped abstract is the final in the series of digital pastel stripe paintings that I made in Procreate last year. This one has a retro colour palette in shades of warm brown and beige. […]


Blue and Teal Green Scratchy Abstract Painting

This is another digital painting that I made in Procreate last year. This one has a fine scratchy texture in turquoise blue, teal green and purple. This digital abstract art is available in my stores […]


Cool Blue and Turquoise Abstract Pastel Stripes

Here is the fifth digital painting in my pastel stripe series, this time in shades of blue, turquoise and white. It has a horizontal stripe pattern, and textured surface. You can find this blue stripe […]


Warm Red and Peach Abstract Pastel Stripes

This is the fourth piece in my series of digital pastel stripe paintings. This time the colours are a mix of warm reds with a light peach. Like the others in the series, it has […]


Bright Green and Yellow Pastel Stripes Abstract

Here is the third in my digital pastel stripe painting series. This has loosely drawn horizontal stripes in bright yellow, lime green and coral colours, with white highlights and a pastel texture. You can find […]


Green Squares Abstract Acrylic Painting

Most of the work I’ve been posting so far has been digital, but I’ve always enjoyed painting with traditional media too. This green squares abstract is one I did in acrylic a couple of years […]


Black and Grey Pastel Stripes

This is the second in my series of digital pastel stripe paintings, made in Procreate last year. This one has a monochrome palette, with horizontal stripes in black and grey. They are loosely drawn with […]


Green and Orange Pastel Stripe Pattern

I created this abstract hand-drawn stripe pattern as the first in a series of seven, which I’ll post over the next week or two. This one has horizontal stripes in shades of green and orange. […]


Orange Triangles Abstract Pastel Painting

I always enjoy drawing pattern-like abstracts which have similar elements but are not actually repeating. This digital pastel painting is one example that I drew in Procreate last year. It has loose triangle motifs in […]


Purple and White Vortex Painting

This digital painting is one of my favourites from last year. It has a spiral vortex shape in purple and white, and I used oil brushes in Procreate for a ‘real paint’ kind of look. […]


Orange Abstract Sunset Painting

This is a digital abstract sunset that I painted in Procreate using oil brushes. It has rich orange and light brown colours, and a loose texture. This abstract sunset art is for sale as prints […]


Green Bokeh Bubbles Abstract Art

Here’s another digital abstract piece from last year. It is in square format with green bokeh circles, giving it a watery kind of look. This green abstract art is for sale as prints and on […]


Blue and Red Abstract Digital Painting

This is another square format digital abstract painting from last year, made in Procreate. It has a diagonal composition and a rough woven lines texture in blue, red and white. This blue and red abstract […]


Blue and Purple Textured Abstract Digital Painting

I made this square format digital abstract in Procreate over the summer. It has a roughly textured surface with shades of blue and purple, with white areas peeking through. I love lots of texture! This […]


Purple and Pink Wavy Stripes Abstract

This digital abstract is one of my favourites of the newer pieces I’ve made this year. It has wavy purple and magenta stripes with a textured lilac background. It’s hard to choose, but purple is […]


Blue Wavy Abstract

Here’s another older digital abstract that I made in Photoshop a few years back. It has organic wavy lines in shades of vibrant blue, reminiscent of a mixture of clouds, marble and agate slices (that’s […]


Blue Glowing Swirl Abstract

This glowing blue vortex is an older digital abstract piece that I made in Photoshop several years ago. It has a spinning look, with bright electric blue light on a dark background. This abstract swirl […]


Yellow, Red and Brown Geometric Abstract

I made this geometric abstract piece earlier in the year, using Procreate. It has random geometric shapes in red, yellow, orange and brown, some filled with doodle patterns. The textured white polka dot overlay gives […]


Black and White Swirl Abstract Art

This digital abstract piece is one of the first I ever made on an iPad, several years ago now. It has an organic white swirling shape with a slightly smoke-like effect, against a black background. […]


Abstract Doodle Boxes Colouring Page

My Easy Doodle Abstract Colouring Book has 30 abstract designs, including this one, which I coloured in brown and green using Zig Clean Color brush pens. I like drawing abstract doodly things like this just […]


Blue and White Marbled Liquid Abstract

This blue, grey and white marbled abstract digital painting is the third in a series of three that I created earlier this year (the other two are here and here. It has a fluid organic […]