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Egg, Cylinder and Heart Painting Exercise – Block 3 #8

So I finally finished the next exercise for Evolve Artist. This is Block 3, #8, and was painted from life. Evolve Artist Block 3, #8 – Egg, Cylinder and Heart. Oil on canvas. It’s been […]


Bottle, Mushroom and Pot Painting Exercise – Block 3 #7

I just completed Block 3, exercise 7 of Evolve Artist. This is the first painting with colour gradients and shadows, and was painted from a photograph. Evolve Artist Block 3, #7 – Bottle, Mushroom and […]


Pumpkin, Lime and Pot Painting Exercise – Block 3 #6

I finished another exercise for Evolve Artist. This painting is number six from Block 3, and was painted from life. Evolve Artist Block 3, #6 – Pumpkin, Lime and Pot. Oil on canvas. I was […]


Pot, Apple and Can Painting Exercise – Block 3 #5

Here’s another painting exercise for Evolve Artist – this is Block 3 #5. This one is from a photo provided by Evolve. Evolve Artist Block 3, #5 – Pot, Apple and Can. Oil on canvas. […]


Avocado and Red Pepper Painting Exercise – Block 3 #4

This painting is the fourth homework exercise from Block 3 of the Evolve Artist course, and the second painting from direct observation (the other two are from photos). Evolve Artist Block 3, #4 – Avocado […]


Mushroom, Can and Tennis Ball Painting Exercise – Block 3 #3

I finished another Block 3 painting exercise for Evolve Artist. This is the second painting from a photo, and was pretty straightforward. As with the other exercises in this Block so far, we’re only using […]


Lemon, Ball and Cone Painting Exercise – Block 3 #2

This painting is the second exercise for Block 3 of Evolve Artist. I finished it about ten days ago, which was later than planned, as I came down with a cold and just didn’t have […]


Colourful Citrus Fruit Sticker Set

One thing I really like creating art for is cut out stickers. While I love making complete paintings most of all, sometimes it’s fun to just draw little single objects and simple things, and stickers […]


Apple, Pot and Ball Painting Exercise – Block 3 #1

I just finished the first exercise for Block 3 of Evolve Artist. Block 3 introduces colour, and there are twenty paintings to complete. Ten of these are from photos, and ten from life. This first […]


Fruit and Vegetables Painting Exercise – Block 2 #19

This still life is the 19th exercise (and ninth painting) in Block 2 of Evolve Artist. I took a while to get around to starting it, since I couldn’t decide on what to include. Evolve […]


Bowl and Food Painting Exercise – Block 2 #18

Here’s another finished painting exercise for the Evolve Artist course. This is Block 2, number 18. Now the drawings are more complex, I’m spreading them out over more than one session if I feel like […]


Mortar, Pestle and Bell Pepper Painting Exercise – Block 2 #16

This painting is the 16th exercise for Block 2 of Evolve Artist. I’m mostly happy with the composition and drawing, although it took a couple of attempts to get the angle of the pestle right. […]


Egg, Cube and Apple Painting Exercise – Block 2 #14

This is my fourth painting (and 14th exercise) for Block 2 of Evolve Artist. I messed up the drawing for this one and had to redo the cube a few times. I really need to […]


Pear, Block and Pot Painting Exercise – Block 2 #13

I finished another painting for Evolve Artist Block 2, and I think this is one of my worst proportional drawings so far! Having to measure with the needle (as opposed to just drawing freehand like […]


Apple and Pyramid Painting Exercise – Block 2 #11

As I mentioned in my last update on my progress with the Evolve Artist course, I’m just starting the paintings for Block 2. This is exercise 11, although it’s only the first of ten paintings […]


The Pumpkin – Painting Exercise #20

I finally finished Block 1 of Evolve Artist! 😀 Considering I started this course last summer, this has taken longer than I’d like, but it feels good to get to this point. This pumpkin is […]


Bowling Pin, Apple and Cylinder – Painting Exercise #16

Over the holidays I took some time off from working on my painting exercises for Evolve Artist. I enjoy the course, but it was nice to have a break and just do other (easier!) art […]


Cone, Pear and Stand – Painting Exercise #14

This is exercise 14 of 20 from Evolve Artist Block 1. I made quite a few mistakes here, although more on the cone and the pear, which weren’t the hardest parts of the painting (that […]


Jug, Apple and Cylinder – Painting Exercise #13

Here is another painting exercise that I completed for the Evolve course. This still life jug, apple and cylinder is number 13 of Block 1, and as usual was a bit more complex than the […]


Pear, Cylinder and Pot – Painting Exercise #12

I just finished my next painting exercise for the Evolve course, which is this still life pear, cylinder and pot. This is the second execise with reflections, and it definitely felt a bit harder than […]


Apple, Pot and Ball – Painting Exercise #11

I didn’t have time last week to work on my Evolve exercises, and I missed it. But this week I got back to it and have just finished exercise 11 of Block 1. For this […]


Citrus Fruits – Digital Painting

Fruits and other natural foods are one of my favourite subjects. This is a digital painting that I made last year in Procreate, with colourful citrus fruits (orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit) on a contrasting […]


Watermelon Digital Watercolour

I drew this watermelon slice in Procreate, using watercolour brushes. I like painting on paper more than digital art, but sometimes it’s just not convenient. Plus Procreate is a lot of fun, and you can […]


Red Apple Painting

Here’s a digital watercolour painting of a red Royal Gala apple. I like to do a mix of realistic and stylised art, and this one has more realism than the work I’ve put out lately. […]