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Rod of Asclepius – Black and White Line Art

This is the last of the older pieces I’m posting here, and is a black and white vector line drawing of the Rod of Asclepius. Also known as the Staff of Asclepius, this symbol combines […]


Red, Pink and Purple Heart Art

I drew this heart art design in Procreate a few months ago. It’s in a similar bold geometric style to the abstract piece I posted recently, with a strong black outline, bright colours and a […]


Cosmic Heart – Glowing White Heart on Purple Sky

Hearts are a symbol that I like to use in my work sometimes, more because I like the shape rather than the whole ‘love’ symbolism. For me art is more about how the piece looks […]


Blue and White Cloud Heart Thank You Card

This Thank You card design is available in my Zazzle store. It has a peaceful blue and white design, with a fluffy white cloud heart on a soft coludy blue sky background. The text reads […]


Pink and Purple Heart

I made this heart digital painting on my iPad. It has pink, purple and red circles, with a watercolour look. This digital painting is for sale as prints and on other products in my store […]


Fluffy White Cloud Heart

This is a digital painting of a fluffy white cloud heart against a soft blue sky, made using Procreate on my iPad. It has a calm, peaceful kind of vibe. This painting is for sale […]