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Abstract Earth Tones Watercolour Rectangles Pattern

Here’s another loosely hand painted watercolour pattern, with a rectangle motif in warm yellow, orange, green and brown colours on a white background. Like the other watercolour pattern I posted recently, I painted this a […]


Red, Purple and White Watercolour Rectangles Pattern

This is another of the watercolour patterns that I painted a while back, but have just got around to editing and posting. This one has a rectangle motif in red and purple colours on a […]


Blue and Black Watercolour Check Pattern

It’s been a while since I posted any new art to my shops, as I’ve just been too busy with other stuff. I have missed it though, so I’m happy to have gotten back to […]


Blue and White Watercolour Galaxy Stripe Pattern

This is another of the watercolour patterns I painted a few months ago. This one has horizontal stripes in blue and purple, overlaid with white ink splatters to give a starry sky effect. In between […]


Watercolour Stripes Pattern in Green and White

This green and white stripe pattern is another of the hand painted watercolour patterns I made recently. This one has horizontal stripes in two shades of green, on a white paper background. This green stripe […]


Yellow and Orange Watercolour Stripes Painted Pattern

I painted this simple horizontal stripe pattern with watercolour on paper a few months ago. It has thick stripes in warm orange and yellow, with thin white lines of paper showing through. This yellow stripey […]


Blue and Green Watercolour Stripes Pattern

Here’s another of the hand painted watercolour stripe patterns that I made recently. This one has horizontal stripes in cool blue and green, with a loose feel. This stripey pattern is for sale on phone […]


Pink and White Watercolour Stripes

I like making repeating patterns, but I also really enjoy drawing and painting patterns completely by hand, with no digital repeats. I like the more natural, organic kind of look they have. I tend to […]