Cube, Pyramid and Spheres Painting Exercise – Block 2 #15

Another painting done for Evolve Artist! This is number 15 from Block 2. It’s a step up in complexity from the earlier exercises, with more objects. I liked putting together the composition; it’s a bit more interesting than the previous paintings in this block (and took longer to draw too).

Cube, Pyramid and Spheres -  greyscale oil painting exercise on canvas. Evolve Artist Block 2 #15

Evolve Artist Block 2, #15 – Cube, Pyramid and Spheres. Oil on canvas.

My post about the last exercise was pretty whiny, so I’m glad to be enjoying the process again! I did make mistakes, like placing all the objects too high on the canvas. The drawing took so long that I couldn’t face rubbing it all out and starting over, so I just made the height a bit shorter than usual. I still think the bottom half looks a bit unbalanced though.

Here’s a WIP photo after the first painting session:

Cube, Pyramid and Spheres -  greyscale oil painting exercise - work in progress. Evolve Artist Block 2 #15

For the last couple of exercises a new technique was introduced, where we soften the edges of the objects that are furthest away (and on overlapping edges), to create an impression of distance. So that’s why the large sphere and some of the shadows are blurry at the edge. I like how new things like this are introduced gradually, so it’s not overwhelming.

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