New Animal Colouring Book in Progress

My next colouring book will be another toddler book with easy animal portraits. Here are some of the rough sketches, which I’m currently outlining in Procreate:

Cartoon animal colouring page sketch, by L.J. Knight

I started working on this book around the end of last year and thought I’d have finished it before now, but I ended up doing my recent pattern books instead. I always work on whatever is most appealing to me at the time, rather than sticking to a rigid plan, so I’m often not completely sure which books will be finished next 🙂 But now I need a break from patterns and am enjoying getting these cute animal drawings finished. Animals are one of my favourite things to draw, and I’ll definitely be making more animal-themed books in the future, at different levels for both adults and kids.

I’ll post another update when this book is ready sometime next month.

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