New – Very Easy Animal Faces Colouring Book

It’s new book time! I recently published my latest colouring book, Very Easy Animal Faces Colouring Book for Toddlers and Young Kids. The title is pretty self-explanatory – it has thirty cute cartoon animal portraits, which are drawn in a simple style for kids aged about one to four.

Very Easy Animal Faces Colouring Book for Toddlers and Young Kids, by L.J. Knight

I’m excited about this one, as it’s my first animal book and animals are my favourite subject to draw. My kawaii books have quite a few animal characters, but this one is just animals and nothing else. I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to get around to making a book of them, but I’ll be making more animal designs in future (including detailed ones for adults), along with my other more abstract stuff. I have some more toddler titles planned too.

Anyway, you can check out all thirty animal colouring pages in this new book by clicking here, or buy it in paperback from Amazon. I will be doing a printable PDF at some point as well, but I’m a bit behind with those.

Want to try a sample? The giraffe page below is a free download that you can print at home (personal use only) – just click here to save to your device.

Very Easy Animal Faces Colouring Book - free giraffe portrait sample page

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