Pear, Block and Pot Painting Exercise – Block 2 #13

I finished another painting for Evolve Artist Block 2, and I think this is one of my worst proportional drawings so far! Having to measure with the needle (as opposed to just drawing freehand like I normally would) is still throwing me off, so I obviously need more practice there. It’s not clear just from the painting, but the pear isn’t accurate – too short/wide and the shape is wrong. The drawing didn’t look so bad before I painted it! I went a bit wrong with the block too, and I just spotted a cat hair stuck in the paint. Oh well, it’s still more good experience.

Pear, Block and Pot -  greyscale oil painting exercise on canvas. Evolve Artist Block 2 #13

Evolve Artist Block 2, #13 – Pear, Block and Pot. Oil on canvas.

Like the previous Block 2 paintings, we couldn’t use highlights and reflections yet, so it all looks very flat. I think these can be added again from the next painting, so the rest of my paintings for this block should look a bit better. That is if I don’t screw up the drawings again!

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