Peppers and Pumpkin Painting Exercise – Block 3 #18

Here’s another Evolve Artist exercise finished! This is #18 from Block 3, and was painted from life.

Peppers and Pumpkin - oil painting exercise on canvas. Evolve Artist Block 3 #18

Evolve Artist Block 3, #18 – Peppers and Pumpkin. Oil on canvas.

This painting has some issues, as usual, but I feel okay about it. I thought I’d badly messed up the yellow pepper, as it looked terrible for most of the time I was painting it, but it came together in the end! Now I think it’s the best bit 🙂 I was a bit hesitant about including the pumpkin, after the last time I painted a pumpkin with gradients (at the end of Block 1) it didn’t go so well. I think this one is better, but it doesn’t look quite how I imagined. Although that’s the case for a lot of my paintings 😀

I did struggle with matching the background and foreground colours. In the end the background came out okay, but the table top should be lighter. Normally painting these areas is the most relaxing part, since the harder objects are complete. But I was a bit stressed with this one, because I just couldn’t get the colours right, and I ended up spending much more time on it that I’d planned to. Still, that’s how it goes sometimes, and I’ll get faster and more accurate with practice.

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