What’s New – Colouring Books & More

I have spent the last few years creating colouring books (since 2015), as well as some other art stuff, under my old artist handle Tigerlynx. I’m now rebranding, and all future work will be published as LJ Knight. I like my old nickname, but it’s time to move on. I’ve also decided to republish all my old books under my new name. This will probably take a while, but I hope to have them all done over the next few months.

I did consider leaving the old books as they are, and just putting future titles under my new name. The main reason for this is that I’ve changed direction as an artist, and am creating new pages in a different style to my earlier books. I draw the new designs on paper and/or my iPad, rather than in Adobe Illustrator like the older ones, and as a result they have a more organic, irregular line quality. But in the end I decided I’d rather have all my books under the same umbrella – even if they look a bit different, they’re still my work and I’m proud of them. Plus I enjoy colouring the pages and sharing them on my social media, and I don’t want to have to maintain two sets of profiles. I’ve also changed my Tigerlynx username to LJ Knight on my social accounts, rather than starting over as I originally planned.

Colouring books will continue to be my main focus. Right now I can’t do as much detailed drawing as I’d like, thanks to a thumb injury, so future books will be coming out more slowly than before. But I’ll be listing individual pages in my Etsy store as they’re ready, so you won’t have to wait for the entire books.

Other than colouring books, I’ll be working on fine art painting (one reason for the name change), as well as my new Zazzle store LJK Design. This will have paper products and related items for special occasions, plus original pattern designs for home decor, cases and fabric.

For now, you can see my colouring books at my Tigerlynx site here. As I get them republished under my new name, I’ll move the listing pages onto this site, and will eventually redirect my old domain here too.

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