Cone, Pear and Stand – Painting Exercise #14

This is exercise 14 of 20 from Evolve Artist Block 1. I made quite a few mistakes here, although more on the cone and the pear, which weren’t the hardest parts of the painting (that would be the stand). I also forgot to add an important shadow. Now these are getting more complex, it’s easy to miss things, especially when time gets short and I start feeling a bit frazzled. I think I might have to start making some notes rather than keeping it all in my head.

Cone, Pear and Stand - greyscale oil painting exercise on canvas

Evolve Artist Block 1, #14 – Cone, Pear and Stand. Oil on canvas.

I also made a lot more mess than usual. I got paint all over my hands, face, easel and mahl stick, smudged the canvas, and ended up with a bunch of cat hairs and random bits of fluff stuck in the paint. I’m not sure why all that happened! I like to keep things neat and don’t like getting stuff on my hands or having a messy workspace. So cleanup took a bit longer than usual, but I feel okay about the painting. It was good practice and a learning experience, which is the point of these after all.

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