Missing Books on Amazon’s European Sites

If you’ve tried to buy some of my colouring books via Amazon.co.uk, .fr, .de, .it or .es recently, you’ll know that they’re not currently available. This is due to a technical issue on Amazon’s part, which is affecting some other people’s books too. Nine of my titles are missing, including a couple of my bestsellers, which is especially annoying at this time of year! But Amazon is working on a fix, so hopefully they’ll be back soon.

The affected titles are:

Cute and Easy Kawaii
Easy Geometric Patterns (Volume 2)
Easy Doodle Abstract
Extra Easy Flower Mandalas
Extra Easy Fun Mandalas
Magic Mandalas
Magic Mandalas 2
Very Easy Flowers
Easy Mandalas Mini

In the meantime, most of my books (except for the most recent few) are available as printable PDF downloads from my Etsy store. You can also still get them all in paperback from Amazon.com and the other international Amazon sites such as Canada, which are unaffected by the glitch. You can also find many of my books on Book Depository, which is based in the UK and ships internationally.

I’ll post an update when they’re available again.

March 2022 Update: – they’re back! 😀

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