Elegant Flamingo Silhouette Bird Art (Three Colour Variations)

This flamingo silhouette drawing is another of my pieces from a few years ago that I’ve recently added to my stores. It has an elegant flamingo standing on one leg, against a plain background, making it perfect for bird lovers who prefer art with a minimalist look. There are three colour variations: black, white and hot pink.

Monochrome wall art with an elegant flamingo silhouette in hot pink against a simple white background

Pink Flamingo Silhouette. Digital.

Elegant minimal bird drawing with a black flamingo silhouette and white background

Black Flamingo Silhouette. Digital.

Framed bird art print  with a white flamingo silhouette on a dramatic black background

White Flamingo Silhouette. Digital.

You can find all three of these flamingo art prints in my store on Pixels.com. Here are the links:

Black on white
White on black

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