New – Easy Geometric Patterns Colouring Book (Volume 2)

Easy Geometric Patterns Colouring Book (Volume 2), by L.J. Knight

Just recently I posted about my new easy pattern colouring book – and now there’s a second volume too! Like the first book, Easy Geometric Patterns (Volume 2) has fifty pattern designs without too much detail, and you can preview all the designs here.

Whereas the patterns in Volume 1 are older designs (basically larger versions of the patterns in my first ever colouring book), Volume 2 has all new designs that I drew late last year. So the style is a bit different, since my working method has changed in some ways in the five years since I created my first book. But I think the two books go well together, and if you like colouring easy repeating patterns they’re worth checking out.

I’ve got to say, publishing two new books back to back within a couple of weeks of each other left me feeling a bit brain-fried, and I won’t be doing that again! I do plan to put out a detailed version of the second easy pattern book, for those who like more ‘adult’ designs with smaller spaces. But I need a break from patterns for a while, so it’ll likely be a bit longer before I get to work on it.

Easy Geometric Patterns (Volume 2) is for sale in paperback from Amazon. I’ll be making a printable PDF version as well, and will post an update when it’s ready.

You can download the free sample page below to print at home – click here to save to your device.

Easy Geometric Patterns Colouring Book (Volume 2) - free sample page

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