New Flowers Colouring Book – Sneak Peek

I’ve just finished the drawings for my next colouring book, which will be easy flowers. Here’s a look at one in progress page:

Easy flowers colouring page - work in progress  by L.J. Knight

I already have a very simple floral book, for toddlers. This new book also has easy illustrations, but it’s targeted at adults and older kids, so the designs have a bit more detail and the lines aren’t as thick.

I should have this book out sometime next month. I’m working on the cover right now, which always takes a while. I actually started the drawings back in January. It has taken this long because while I often sketch stuff for different books at the same time, I prefer to just do the outlining for one title at a time.

I’m also working on sketches for my next few books. Next up will (probably) be an easy animal faces book for young kids, and then one I’m quite excited about – a positive words book for adults. Plus I have an abstract book I started years ago that I want to finally get finished. I doubt I’ll complete any of those before Christmas though.

I’ll post an update when the flowers book is ready!

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