Pawn, Pear and Cup Painting Exercise – Block 3 #15

This painting exercise is Block 3, #15 from the Evolve Artist course, and was painted from a photo.

Pawn, Pear and Cup - oil painting exercise on canvas. Evolve Artist Block 3 #15

Evolve Artist Block 3, #15 – Pawn, Pear and Cup. Oil on canvas.

I have mixed feelings about this painting. This exercise is one of a few that I remember looking at before I started Evolve and wondering if I’d be able to pull it off. I was a bit hesitant about starting the pawn, as it’s the most complex object I’ve painted in colour so far for this course, and I felt like I might lose track of the details if I wasn’t paying attention. But by following the step by step Evolve method, it was very straightforward, and easier than I expected.

Where I did mess up, was with the green colour (too saturated), and the shadow values on the pawn and pear, both of which should be darker. I do swatch all my colours and see how they look next to each other before starting the painting, but sometimes it still looks different when everything is filled in on the actual canvas!

Still, it’s passable, and I learned some things 🙂

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