Vase and Cylinder – Painting Exercise #7

This is the seventh painting for Block 1 of the Evolve Artist course that I started few weeks ago.

This exercise continues to practice sharp edges, gradients, and recognising the four basic values. I actually got one of the values wrong, on the right side of the cylinder.

Vase and cylinder - greyscale oil painting exercise on canvas

Evolve Artist Block 1, #7 – Vase & Cylinder. Oil on canvas.

I’m a bit happier with the cylinder gradient than the other gradients I’ve painted so far. As I was finishing off, I saw a rough spot on the gradient at the top of the vase, and started to fix it again after the paint had been drying for a few hours. Then I remembered how doing the same thing messed up my last painting, so stopped just in time. It’s funny, just as I started to try to fix it, one of my cats ran in meowing loudly, like ‘put the brush down right now!’ 😸

Overall I think this is my best painting so far, even though it has issues. It took longer than I’d like (as they all have), but I should get faster with more practice.

I’ve created a gallery with all of my Evolve Artist paintings, which I’ll add to as I go through the course. You can see it here.

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