Blue, Pink and White Abstract Mandala

Here’s a mandala that I made in Procreate, with textured lines in bright blue and pink against a white background. It also has some turquoise splatters to add extra texture.

I like to draw mandalas as a way to relax, and Procreate is my favourite iPad drawing app. I do find the current symmetry tool a bit restrictive, since it only allows for a limited number of symmetry axes, and transformations aren’t mirrored. There are workarounds, but they’re a bit clunky. So I’m hoping the developers expand the tool’s functionality in future, especially as I have a couple more mandala colouring books planned. I’d prefer to use Procreate for the outlining, rather than Illustrator which I used for my older books. I also enjoy drawing freehand mandalas, with no digital mirroring. I might post some of those sometime, but they’re definitely more on the wonky side 🙂

Blue, pink and white abstract mandala art   by L.J. Knight

You can find this colourful mandala as prints and on products in my store on Fine Art America.

There is no watermark on the prints or products.

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