Bowling Pin, Apple and Cylinder – Painting Exercise #16

Over the holidays I took some time off from working on my painting exercises for Evolve Artist. I enjoy the course, but it was nice to have a break and just do other (easier!) art for a bit. But I got back into it last week, and have just completed exercise 16 of Block 1, which is this skittle, apple and cylinder.

Bowling Pin, Apple and Cylinder - greyscale oil painting exercise on canvas

Evolve Artist Block 1, #16 – Bowling Pin, Apple and Cylinder. Oil on canvas.

I had even more trouble than usual getting a photo of this. It’s so dark and gloomy even during the day right now, and putting the lights on creates glare from the shiny paint. Plus my photography skills are lacking! But I’m fairly pleased with how the painting went. As always there’s a lot of room for improvement, and I don’t like the flat looking area on the front of the skittle. But other than that there are no major screw ups this time (I think – haven’t had feedback yet!). I’m getting a little bit faster too, which is encouraging.

By the way, the stripes on the skittle are supposed to be wonky, to match the reference photo. I feel the need to point that out, because the first time I saw this painting done by another student, I thought they’d messed it up 😄

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