Colouring Update and Plans

I thought I’d made a quick post about what I’m up to on the colouring front. I released my latest two books, Cute and Easy Kawaii and Very Easy Flowers a few weeks apart earlier this year. Since then I’ve been busy working on more kawaii pages and more easy flowers – I guess I got on a bit of a roll with those topics 😀

The kawaii book will be out first. My first kawaii title had a good response, so I hope you’ll like the second volume too! I’m not committing to a release date, but I’m making good progress on the drawings and it shouldn’t be too long now. Then I’ll finish up the flowers book, which is halfway done. After that I have plans and sketches for a few more titles, including a fairly detailed abstract book (that I started four years ago and really want to finish) and some easy animals for kids and beginners. I also want to do some more patterns and mandalas – as if I don’t have enough mandala books already 😉 – mostly because I love to colour these myself. Next year I plan to branch out into more realistic books for adults, including animals, nature scenes and fantasy themes. I’m working on my figure drawing skills behind the scenes, as this is an area I’m rather rusty in.

I have over 100 ideas for new books brainstormed, with more inspiration coming all the time, and just wish I could get to them all right now! But I like to make time for colouring my own pages, as well as creating other types of art, otherwise I’ll burn out. So, that’s where I’m at for now, and I’ll post again when the next book is nearer to release time!

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