Organic Green Abstract Painting

It’s a while since I’ve posted about my latest art, but I plan to keep my site updated more regularly from now on. It can be a challenge, because I’d rather be drawing than posting on here. But I do want to build this site up more, so I’ll try!

I’ve been making quite a lot of new art over the last few months, as well as more patterns, so I’ll start with some of the earliest. This green abstract is a digital painting that I made in Procreate on my iPad, which has been my main medium lately. I do enjoy traditional painting as well, and will be adding some of that too. But for now it’s mostly digital.

Abstract digital  painting in green by L.J. Knight

It’s hard to find things to say about my abstract art, since it’s not meant to represent or express anything. I just enjoy playing around until it looks how I like. This one has a lot of texture, which is something I’m always drawn to.

It is for sale as prints and on other products in my stores on Fine Art America and Society6.

The prints aren’t watermarked.

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