Cute Cartoon Mouse Die Cut Sticker

This is another cut out sticker that I’ve just been posting to a couple of my stores. It has a cute cartoon mouse drawing with a round orange body, curly black tail and long whiskers.

This mouse is one of my much older designs that I’ve decided to add to my stores as stickers. I drew these years ago, when I was working under a different name. I’ve been in two minds about adding such old art to my current stores and website, as I no longer do vector work and it doesn’t really represent where I am right now. But in the end I decided to just do it, since I still like these old designs, and think they have value as cute stickers. Plus I’m sure my art is going to keep changing and evolving as time goes on, so it’s not like everything I make from here onwards will have a single style. So I’ll be posting some more stickers with older images over the next few weeks, then once I’m caught up with those I’ll be adding more new designs.

These cut out stickers come in four sizes from 2 x 2 inches up to 14 inches in my Zazzle shop, and they’re perfect for decorating laptops, phones and anything else. There’s also a choice of white or transparent backgrounds.

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