Lemon, Ball and Cone Painting Exercise – Block 3 #2

This painting is the second exercise for Block 3 of Evolve Artist. I finished it about ten days ago, which was later than planned, as I came down with a cold and just didn’t have the energy to focus on painting for a while. These exercises can be surprisingly tiring, both physically and mentally, so I don’t make myself work on them unless I really want to.

Lemon, Ball and Cone -  Evolve Artist oil painting exercise on canvas. Evolve Artist Block 3 #2

Evolve Artist Block 3, #2 – Lemon, Ball and Cone. Oil on canvas.

Like the previous painting, it’s very simple, with the colour just in the lights and no gradients, highlights etc. Unlike the last one, this was drawn and painted from life rather than a photo, so it was a bit more challenging, but still pretty easy. I got the colours right, but the colour mixing is taking more time (and wasted paint!) than I’d like. I think the book I mentioned in my last post will help a lot here. I prefer to have a solid understanding of what I’m doing, rather than just learning from trial and error.

Anyway, I was happy with this painting overall, despite some issues like the pencil lines showing through the colour in some areas. I do my best to rub them out, but they don’t come off the canvas completely. Hopefully this will be less of an issue in future paintings where we’re not just using one layer of very thin paint.

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