Mushroom, Can and Tennis Ball Painting Exercise – Block 3 #3

I finished another Block 3 painting exercise for Evolve Artist. This is the second painting from a photo, and was pretty straightforward. As with the other exercises in this Block so far, we’re only using colours for the lights, with the shadows still in greyscale. Plus there are no gradients or highlights yet, which really makes things easier!

Mushroom, Can and Tennis Ball -  Evolve Artist oil painting exercise on canvas. Evolve Artist Block 3 #3

Evolve Artist Block 3, #3 – Mushroom, Can and Tennis Ball. Oil on canvas.

I made the blue part of the can a bit too dark, but other than that it came out like it was supposed to. I’m still using more paint than I’d like when mixing colours, but I know it’ll take practice to get more efficient in that area.

I’d hoped to be progressing more quickly through these early colour paintings, since they really are pretty simple and I know the later exercises will take much more time. As it is, other things have been getting in the way. But I’m still moving forward, which is the main thing 🙂

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