Colourful Citrus Fruit Sticker Set

One thing I really like creating art for is cut out stickers. While I love making complete paintings most of all, sometimes it’s fun to just draw little single objects and simple things, and stickers are the perfect product for showcasing these. They’re also a great way to bring art into your day to day life without needing wall space.

I have stickers with both sets and single designs, depending on the art. This is a set of nine citrus fruit stickers, which includes oranges, grapefruit, lemons and limes. They’re drawn in a loose graphic style with lots of texture.

I’ve added these stickers to all of my stores. Zazzle has the widest range of sizes available, from tiny up to 14 inches. So you can decorate everything from laptop cases, notebooks and travel mugs up to larger items like suitcases. Click here to buy this cute citrus fruit set on Zazzle.

This design is also available on cut out stickers from Pixels.

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