Sleeping Cat Line Art Drawing

Today I’m happy to be posting the first of an ongoing series of line art pieces that I’ve been working on recently. These are all hand drawn in Procreate on my iPad, and feature minimalist black and white drawings of animals, as well as a few other nature-themed subjects such as plants etc.

This first drawing is of a curled up sleeping cat:

Sleeping Cat - contemporary minimal line art drawing by L.J. Knight

Sleeping Cat. Digital.

I have quite a few cats in this set of drawings. I love all animals, but cats are my favourite, and they’re such interesting subjects to draw too. In the longer term I’m planning to add a lot of cat and other animal paintings to my stores. But right now I’m limited in the amount of painting I can do because of a wrist injury, which is why I decided to focus on these drawings for a while instead. They take less time to complete, and drawing on my iPad is physically easier than painting on canvas or paper. This is probably because it’s more difficult to fix mistakes with traditional media, so I try harder to avoid them and unconsciously tense up my hand in the process :/ Anyway, I plan to do more paintings for my stores later in the year, but for now I’m focusing on this drawing series, along with the Evolve course and finishing my next colouring book.

I’ve been trying to think of more interesting titles and descriptions than the factual ones I normally come up with. I actually really dislike titling my art, especially abstracts, and ‘flowery’ titles always feel a bit silly to me. ChatGPT suggested ‘Whiskers of Serenity’ for this one, which made me laugh 😀 (and no, I don’t use AI to write these posts, or for my art, in case anyone’s wondering – it’s all hand drawn/painted). In the end I decided to stick with ‘Sleeping Cat’, although over time I’ll probably have a lot sleeping cat pieces, so I’ll have to come up with some variations.

You can find this elegant cat drawing on prints and a few other products in my shop on Pixels.

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