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Organic Green Abstract Painting

It’s a while since I’ve posted about my latest art, but I plan to keep my site updated more regularly from now on. It can be a challenge, because I’d rather be drawing than posting […]


Joy – Christmas Art With Snowflakes

This is a modern Christmas art design featuring the word ‘Joy’ in white hand-lettered text, surrounded by snowflakes. It has a festive red background with a snow texture. The proportions make it perfect for a […]


Blue and Grey Ombre Abstract With Waves

This is a digital abstract painting in cool blue and grey tones, with a subtle wave pattern. It has a calm, relaxed feel. It is for sale as prints and on other products in my […]


Peach and Pink Ombre Abstract Painting

This is a digital abstract painting with an ombre effect in warm peach and pink, made in Procreate on my iPad. It has a mellow, relaxed kind of feel. It is for sale as prints […]


Pink and Purple Heart

I made this heart digital painting on my iPad. It has pink, purple and red circles, with a watercolour look. This digital painting is for sale as prints and on other products in my stores […]


Fluffy White Cloud Heart

This is a digital painting of a fluffy white cloud heart against a soft blue sky, made using Procreate on my iPad. It has a calm, peaceful kind of vibe. This painting is for sale […]


Circles Abstract Digital Watercolour

I used Procreate on my iPad for this abstract digital watercolour painting. It has a circle shape filled with a pattern of smaller overlapping circles in blue, green and purple. The cool colours, round shapes […]


Doodle Flower Cluster – Digital Art

I created this digital painting on my iPad, using Procreate. It has a cluster of folk art-style flowers with colourful petals, and is the companion piece to the Flower Trio. This flower painting is for […]


Colourful Doodle Flower Trio

This is another of my iPad pieces, this time with a pencil and watercolour look. The three flowers have a simple folk art-influenced style, and bright colours. This digital painting is for sale as prints […]


Deep Emerald Mandala Painting

I’m still working on getting the last of my colouring books republished under my new author name – it’s almost done now, and the second edition should be up in about a week. I’ve been […]